Concerning the Spiritual in Art cover

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)

1. Translator's Introduction
2. Chapter 01: Introduction
3. Chapter 02: The Movement of the Triangle
4. Chapter 03: Spiritual Revolution
5. Chapter 04: The Pyramid
6. Chapter 05: The Psychological Working of Colour
7. Chapter 06: The Language of Form & Colour
8. Chapter 07: Theory
9. Chapter 08: Art & Artists
10. Chapter 09: Conclusion

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Published in 1911, Kandinsky's book compares the spiritual life of humanity to a pyramid -- the artist has a mission to lead others to the pinnacle with his work. The point of the pyramid is those few, great artists. It is a spiritual pyramid, advancing and ascending slowly even if it sometimes appears immobile. During decadent periods, the soul sinks to the bottom of the pyramid; humanity searches only for external success, ignoring spiritual forces.