Coffee Break Collection 3 - Nature cover

Coffee Break Collection 3 - Nature


1. Body Painting of the Orinoco Indians
2. Etymology of the name Emu
3. Forecasting the Weather
4. Journey in Brazil, Entry December 31st 1865
5. July Grass, The
6. Little Wolf of the Air, The
7. Magnetism, Curious Facts In
8. Modification of Our Climate
9. Onyx Caves, part 1, The - Cave Regions of the Ozarks and Black Hills chapter 13
10. Passenger Pigeon, The, from Our Vanishing Wild Life
11. Plants Protected by Insects
12. Strange Eclipse Customs
13. Wildflowers of the Farm - Chapter Three: Flowers on the Walls
14. Winter Journal, Entry February 13, 1859
15. Wit of a Duck, The

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This is a collection of short (15 minute or less readings) works in English suitable for a coffee break at work or a short commuter ride. The theme for this collection is Nature in various genres -- fiction and non-fiction. Botany, geology, biology, astronomy; flowers, (meteor) showers, bugs, slugs, frogs, dogs, cats, bats -- you name it, as long as it's public domain and between 3 and 15 minutes long.