Clover cover


Susan Coolidge (1835-1905)

1. 01 - A Talk on the Doorsteps
2. 02 - The Day of Happy Letters
3. 03 - The First Wedding in the Family
4. 04 - Two Long Years in One Short Chapter
5. 05 - Car Forty-seven
6. 06 - St. Helen's
7. 07 - Making Acquaintance
8. 08 - High Valley
9. 09 - Over a Pass
10. 10 - No. 13 Piute Street
11. 11 - The Last of the Clover-leaves

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Clover is the fourth book in the popular What Katy Did series. After Katy's wedding, the focus shifts to her little sister Clover. Their brother Phil encounters serious illness in the winter, and Dr. Carr sends him with Clover to the mountains of Colorado. Clarence Page, their naughty cousin from the other books, lives nearby. He is a rancher now with an attractive English partner, Geoff Templestowe, whom Clover falls for.Other books in the series areWhat Katy DidWhat Katy Did at SchoolWhat Katy Did NextIn the High Valley


Infinity tiers

I love this book..its an old classic but good read


- Good luck

Terrible reader! Couldn't make it through the first chapter.

Don't bother. Worthless, due to poor reader.


- Needs to be re-done

Unfortunately, this particular volunteer has done a lot and I have run across her garbled messes more than once. I am seldom mean about a volunteer, since they spend such incredible amounts of time reading these for us, but this lady is so difficult to understand, it makes these works impossible to listen to. I'm not sure if she is using this as a way to practice her English or what, but I really wish she wouldn't continue to read for this site. It would be better not to have these works converted to audio books, than to convert them into something no one can enjoy. Now this work (and the several others I've found by the same reader) will have to wait much longer for someone to come along and do them justice (if, indeed, it ever happens at all!).

Seriously, it's barely recognizable as English.


I couldn't understand a word!


So bad, I couldn't understand a word.