Cliff Climbers cover

Cliff Climbers

Thomas Mayne Reid (1818-1883)

1. The Himalayas
2. A View from Chumulari
3. The Plant-Hunter and His Companions
4. Home to the Hut
5. A Midnight Intruder
6. A Talk About Elephants
7. Re-stocking the Guns
8. Inspecting the Cliffs
9. A Reconnaissance Interrupted
10. Ossaroo on the Obelisk
11. A Wholesale Tumble
12. A Ring Performance
13. An Odd Appearance
14. A Curious Nest
15. The Hornbill
16. A Four-Footed Burglar
17. Fritz Interferes
18. 'Death to the Rogue'
19. A Home in Ruins
20. Up a Tree Again!
21. An Implacable Besieger
22. Drawing Their Drink
23. A Gigantic Syringe
24. Swallowed Wholesale
25. The Deodar
26. The Scaling Ladders
27. An Empty Larder
28. Going Abroad for Breakfast
29. Caspar on a Stalk
30. The Double Decoy
31. The Signal of the Shikaree
32. The Ibex
33. Goats and Sheep
34. A Battle of Bucks
35. The Bearcoots
36. A Hope Built Upon the Bearcoot
37. The Log on the Leg
38. Further Experiments
39. The Eagle's Escape
40. Fritz and the Falcons
41. Fritz Offended
42. A Kite!
43. The Paper-Tree
44. Flying the Kite
45. The Rope-Ladder
46. Ossaroo Makes a Quick Descent
47. The Escape of the Kite
48. No More Paper-Trees!
49. Aerostatics
50. The Skin Balloon
51. Making Ready for the Ascent
52. Inflation and Failure
53. Another Spell of Despair
54. The Bean of Pythagoras
55. An Aquatic Harvest
56. The Adjutants
57. The Standing Sleeps
58. Fritz Among the Feathers
59. Capturing the Storks
60. A Labelled Leg
61. Mail-Carriers on Wings
62. Conclusion

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A plant hunter, Karl Linden, and his brother Caspar are on their way to the Himalayas to collect the plants of that region. Many adventures befell the brothers and their guides, all of which led to their being trapped in the mountains. This is a story of their escape from those mountains. (Ann Boulais)