Christopher Quarles College Professor and Master Detective cover

Christopher Quarles College Professor and Master Detective

Percy James Brebner (1864-1922)

1. 01 - The Affair of the Ivory Boxes
2. 02 - The Identity of the Final Victim
3. 03 - The Riddle of the Circular Counters
4. 04 - The Strange Case of Michael Hall
5. 05 - The Evidence of the Cigarette-end
6. 06 - The Mystery of "Old Mrs. Jardine"
7. 07 - The Death-trap in the Tudor Room
8. 08 - The Mystery of Cross Roads Farm
9. 09 - The Conundrum of the Golf Links
10. 10 - The Diamond Necklace Scandal
11. 11 - The Disappearance of Dr. Smith
12. 12 - The Affair of the Stolen Gold
13. 13 - The Will of the Eccentric Mr. Frisby
14. 14 - The Case of the Murdered Financier
15. 15 - The Strange Affair of the Florentine Chest
16. 16 - The Search for the Missing Fortune

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Christopher Quarles is a professor of philosophy and a private consulting detective. Quarles, along with his granddaughter Zena, assists Police Detective Murray Wigan in solving various crimes and mysteries in Victorian England. Whereas the police look for facts and then form a theory of a case, Quarles first forms a theory, often seemingly absurd and based on little more than intuition, then seeks facts in support of it. Of course, to the astonishment of all concerned, Quarles' theories usually prove to be quite right! Christopher Quarles College Professor and Master Detective was written by Percy James Brebner (1864-1922) and first published in 1914, a time when motor cars and electric lights were new marvels of the industrial age.