Christmas Holidays at Merryvale cover

Christmas Holidays at Merryvale

Alice Hale Burnett

1. 01 Toad's Wish
2. 02 The Snow Fight
3. 03 The Victory
4. 04 Chuck's Rude Awakening
5. 05 The Adventure in the Snow
6. 06 Toad's Unselfishness
7. 07 The Boys Plan a Surprise
8. 08 What Mike Found
9. 09 Christmas Morning

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“Toad” Brown, his brother, and their friends have a jolly time at the Christmas holidays. They daydream at a toyshop window, chop down a Christmas tree in the woods, have a grand snowball fight, and plan a surprise for a friend in this tale of early 20th-century small-town life. Published in 1916, this short book is perfect for younger readers and listeners. Read along and see the charming illustrations.