Christie's Old Organ cover

Christie's Old Organ

Mrs. O. F. Walton (1849-1939)

1. The Old Organ
2. Christie's Important Charge
3. Only Another Month
4. Mabel's First Lesson in Organ-Grinding
5. No Sin in the City Bright
6. The Only Way into "Home, Sweet Home"
7. Little Mabel's Snowdrops
8. Made Meet for Home
9. Treffy Enters the City
10. "No Place Like Home"
11. Alone in the World
12. Christie Well Cared For
13. Christie's Work for the Master
14. "Home, Sweet Home, at Last"

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Christie is all alone in the world after his mother dies. He lives in a boarding house and every night creeps up the attic stairs to hear an old barrel organ play. One night while he is listening, the organ stops and Christie hears a thump. What has happened? What should Christie do?