Chopin: The Man and His Music cover

Chopin: The Man and His Music

James Huneker (1860-1921)

1. 01 I. Poland: Youthful Ideals
2. 02 II. Paris: In the Maelstrom
3. 03 - III. England, Scotland and Père La Chaise
4. 04 IV. The Artist
5. 05 - V. The Poet and Psychologist
6. 06 VI. The Studies: Titanic Experiments (Part I)
7. 07 - VI - B. The Studies: Titanic Experiments (Part II)
8. 08 VI. The Studies: Titanic Experiments (Part III)
9. 09 VII. Moods in Miniature: The Preludes
10. 10 VIII. Impromptus and Valses
11. 11 IX. Night and its Melancholy Mysteries: The Nocturnes
12. 12 X. The Ballades: Faery Dramas
13. 13 XI. Classical Currents
14. 14 XII. The Polonaises: Heroic Hymns of Battle
15. 15 XIII. Mazurkas: Dances of the Soul
16. 16 XIV. Chopin the Conquerer

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A biography of the Polish composer and virtuoso pianist Frédéric Chopin and a critical analysis of his work by American music writer and critic James Huneker.