A Child's Garden of Verses 3 cover

A Child's Garden of Verses 3

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

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[Illustration] A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSES By ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON [Illustration] With illustrations by Bessie Collins Pease [Illustration] NEW YORK DODGE PUBLISHING COMPANY 220 East 23d Street Copyright, 1905, by Dodge Publishing Company. First edition, March, 1905 Second edition, January, 1906 Third edition, January, 1907 Fourth edition, October, 1908A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSESCONTENTS PAGE Armies in the Fire 90 At the Sea Side opposite 30 Auntie's Skirts 29 Autumn Fires 89 Bed in Summer 11 Block City 73 Child Alone, The 63 Cow, The 32 Dumb Soldier, The 94 Escape at Bed Time 30 Envoys 99 Fairy Bread 47 Farewell to the Farm 54 Flowers, The 88 Foreign Children 42 Foreign Lands 15 From a Railway Carriage 48 Garden Days 81 Gardener, The ...