A Child's Garden of Verses 2 cover

A Child's Garden of Verses 2

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

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A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSESbyROBERT LOUIS STEVENSoNIllustrated by Myrtle Sheldon M. A. Donohue & Co. Chicago Copyright 1916 by M. A. Donohue and CompanyBY WAY of INTRODUCTION[Illustration]Nothing has ever been written that appeals to a child's nature more than "A CHILD'S GARDEN OF VERSES." It is written in a simple verse that a child can readily understand. It was one of the earlier efforts of the author, Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scotchman by birth, who, owing to ill health, became a world traveler. During his travels he visited the United States, spending a year among our famous resorts. Later he visited Australia and the South Sea Islands, which climate agreed with him to such an extent that he finally settled down and made his home on the island of Samoa. He continued his travels from that point, often visiting the Hawaiian Islands, Australia and New Zealand. He formed a strong friendship for the natives of Samoa, and did a great deal to improve their conditions. He died on the island, and at his own request was buried on the top of one of its beautiful mountains, with the following lines upon his tomb: Here he lies, where he longed to be; Home is the Sailor, home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill. [Illustration]CONTENTS[Illustration] BED IN SUMMER YOUNG NIGHT THOUGHT PIRATE STORY FAREWELL TO THE FARM THE LAND OF COUNTERPANE FAIRY BREAD ESCAPE AT BEDTIME A GOOD PLAY MARCHING SONG WHERE GO THE BOATS THE HAYLOFT AUNTIE'S SKIRTS THE MOON THE COW FOREIGN LANDS SYSTEM AT THE SEASIDE HAPPY THOUGHT THE LAND OF NOD WINDY NIGHTS TIME TO RISE RAIN FOREIGN CHILDREN LOOKING FORWARD MY SHADOW THE SUN'S TRAVELS LOOKING GLASS RIVER THE LAMPLIGHTER SINGING TRAVEL MY BED IS A BOAT KEEPSAKE MILL THE UNSEEN PLAYMATE MY SHIP AND I THE WIND A GOOD BOY GOOD AND BAD CHILDREN PICTURE BOOKS IN WINTER THE SWING A THOUGHT ARMIES IN THE FIRE MY KINGDOM SHADOW MARCH WINTER TIME THE LITTLE LAND IN PORT NIGHT AND DAY NEST EGGS THE FLOWERS FROM A RAILWAY CARRIAGE MY TREASURES BLOCK CITY THE GARDENERA CHILD'S GARDEN of VERSES[Illustration]BED IN SUMMER In winter I get up at night, And dress by yellow candle light...