Chief Legatee cover

Chief Legatee

Anna Katharine Green (1864-1935)

1. A Bride of Five Hours
2. The Lady in Number Three
3. He Knows the Word
4. Mr. Ransom Waits
5. In Corridor and in Room
6. The Lawyer
7. Rain
8. Elimination
9. Hunter's Inn
10. Two Doors
11. Half-past One in the Morning
12. Georgian!
13. Where the Mill Stream Runs Fiercest
14. A Detective's Work
15. Anitra
16. Love!
17. I Don't Hear
18. God's Forest, Then Man's
19. In Mrs. Deo's Room
20. Between the Elderberry Bushes
21. On the Cars
22. A Suspicious Test
23. A Startling Decision
24. The Devil's Cauldron
25. Death Eddy
26. Hazen
27. She Speaks
28. Fifteen Minutes
29. There Is One Way
30. Not Yet

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"I was married to-day in Grace Church. At the altar my bride--you probably know her name, Miss Georgian Hazen--wore a natural look, and was in all respects, so far as any one could see, a happy woman, satisfied with her choice and pleased with the éclat and elegancies of the occasion. Half-way down the aisle this all changed. I remember the instant perfectly. Her hand was on my arm and I felt it suddenly stiffen. I was not alarmed, but I gave her a quick look and saw that something had happened.... ...I should have passed the matter over as a mere attack of nerves, if I had not afterwards detected in her face, through all the hurry and excitement of the ensuing reception, a strained expression not at all natural to her. This was still more evident after the congratulations of a certain guest, who, I am sure, whispered to her before he passed on... ...She entered the office with me and was standing close at my side all the time I was writing our names in the register; but later, when I turned to ask her to enter the elevator with me, she was gone..." (Excerpts from Chapter 1)



- Great story, confusing listen

This story, when you get into it, had me wondering what the conclusion was going to be like. On moment, I think I know the ending, the next moment I'm completely wrong! My only complaint is that the gentleman reading this had me confused as to who was talking, it seems to get better overtime but that might only be because I was so in to the tale