Cheerful Smugglers cover

Cheerful Smugglers

Ellis Parker Butler (1869-1937)

1. The Fenelby Tariff
2. The Box of Bon-Bons
3. Kitty’s Trunks
4. Billy
5. The Pink Shirt-Waist
6. Bridget
7. The Amateur Detective
8. The Field of Dishonor
9. Bobberts Intervenes
10. Tariff Reform
11. The Coup d’État

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Saving for the baby's education: how can a young family be disciplined so as to regularly put money in the pig (bank)? Why, put a tariff on all items coming into the house, just like the U.S. Government does/did for items coming into the country! But the devil is in the details; what about taxing items brought in by visitors? Is the housemaid herself a taxable item? What items really are 'necessaries' versus luxuries? When visitors arrive these guests stoop to either 'smuggling' in their luggage items to avoid having to pay up to 30% of the value, or wear only what they came dressed in. The hosts are equally hypocritical, but all parties accuse the others of cheating. How will the education fund fare? Will the guest leave in a huff? Find out!