Charlie to the Rescue cover

Charlie to the Rescue

Robert Michael Ballantyne (1825-1894)

1. Introduces Our Hero
2. The Shipwreck
3. 'It's an Ill Wind that Blaws Naebody Guid.'
4. Drifting on the Rocks
5. All Things to All Men
6. Disaster, Starvation, and Death
7. Adrift on the Sea
8. Ingratitude
9. Shank Reveals Something More of His Character
10. Home-Coming and Unexpected Surprises
11. Tells of Happy Meetings and Serious Consultations
12. Changes the Scene Considerably!
13. Hunky Ben is Sorely Perplexed
14. The Haunt of the Outlaws
15. Lost and Found
16. Friends and Foes--Plots and Counterplots--The Ranch in Danger
17. The Alarm and Preparation for Defence
18. Defence of the Ranch of Roaring Bull
19. The Rescue and Its Consequences
20. Jake the Flint in Difficulties
21. Tells of a Cruel Deed, and How Mysteriously Hunky Ben Behaved
22. The Cave of the Outlaws Invaded by Ghosts and U. S. Troops
23. The Troops Outwitted by the Scout and His Friends
24. The Meeting of Old Friends in Curious Circumstances
25. Shows How the Seaman was Sent on a Delicate Mission and How He Fared
26. Treats of Various Interesting Matters, and Tells of News From Home
27. Hunky Ben and Charlie get Beyond Their Depth, and Buck Tom gets Beyond Recall
28. Chase, Capture, and End of Jake the Flint
29. They Return to the Ranch of Roaring Bull, where Something Serious happens to Dick Darvall
30. Changes the Scene Somewhat Violently, and Shows our Hero in a New Light
31. Failure and a New Scent
32. Success and Future Plans
33. Sweetwater Bluff
34. The Last

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Charlie Brooke is always rescuing others, and sometimes even himself! His latest rescue, though, could turn out to be fatal...