Caves of Fear cover

Caves of Fear

Harold L. Goodwin (1914-1990)

1. Changes At Spindrift
2. The Cipher Message
3. Heavy Water
4. Project X
5. Hong Kong
6. The Golden Mouse
7. The Junk With Purple Sails
8. Long Shadow
9. The Trail to Korse Lenken
10. The Ambush at Llhan Huang
11. The Goatskin Water Bag
12. The Buddhist Monk
13. The Black Buddha
14. The Caves of Fear
15. The Labyrinth
16. The Lake of Darkness
17. Through A Pair of Dark Glasses
18. The Hostages
19. Canton Charlie's
20. Home Flight

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Entry in the Rick Brant series by Goodwin under the name John Blaine, which began in 1947. 'Rick and Scotty travel to the Himalayas again, this time to stop nuclear materials from falling into the wrong hands.' says Wikipedia.