Carved Cupboard (Dramatic Reading) cover

Carved Cupboard (Dramatic Reading)

Amy Le Feuvre (1861-1929)

1. Dramatis Personae
2. A Supplanter
3. Four Verses
4. A Country Home
5. Bluebeard's Cupboard
6. A Quiet Sunday
7. A Departure
8. Unrest
9. Entertaining a Stranger
10. Gwen's Resolve
11. Clare's Discovery
12. Agatha's Legacy
13. Out in California
14. His Last Message
15. The Cousins' Return
16. Alick Lester
17. Bringing Bad Tidings
18. Elfie's Choice
19. Patty's Grave
20. The Rightful Heir
21. Brought Back

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Agatha, Gwen, Clare and Elfie have always been told that they will inherit their aunt's house. But when their aunt dies, she leaves it all to their intolerable cousin James. What will they do? Will the verses Nannie gives them prove true?