Carolina Chansons: Legends of the Low Country cover

Carolina Chansons: Legends of the Low Country

DuBose Heyward (1885-1940)

1. 01 - Acknowledgements and Preface
2. 02 - Seance at Sunrise; Silences; Presences
3. 03 - The Pirates
4. 04 - The Sewees of Sewee Bay; La Fayette Lands
5. 05 - The Priest and the Pirate: A Ballad of Theodosia Burr
6. 06 - Palmetto Town; Carolina Spring Song
7. 07 - The Last Crew
8. 08 - Landbound; Two Pages from the Book of the Sea Islands
9. 09 - Modern Philosopher; Upstairs-Downstairs; Hag-hollerin' Time; Macabre in Macaws; Gamesters All; Eclipse
10. 10 - Edgar Allan Poe; Alchemy; Osceola
11. 11 - Magnolia Gardens; Middleton Garden
12. 12 - The Goose Creek Voice; The Leaping Poll
13. 13 - The Blockade Runner
14. 14 - Beyond Debate; Marsh Tackies; Back River; Dusk

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This is a collection of poems about Charleston and the South Carolina Lowcountry. DuBose Heyward was a Charleston native best known for his novel Porgy, which was the basis for the Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess. Hervey Allen, who later wrote Anthony Adverse, met Heyward after moving to Charleston to teach. Together they founded the Poetry Society of South Carolina, which is still active today.