Careers of Danger and Daring cover

Careers of Danger and Daring

Cleveland Moffett (1863-1926)

1. 01 - The Steeple Climber Pt 1 In Which We Make the Acquaintance of 'Steeple Bob'
2. 02 - the steeple climber Pt 2 How They Blew Off the Top of a Steeple with Dynamite
3. 03 - The Steeple-Climber Pt 3 The Greatest Danger to a Steeple-Climber Lies in Being Startled
4. 04 - The Steeple-Climber Pt 4 Experience of an Amateur Climbing to a Steeple-top
5. 05 - The Deep-Sea Diver Pt 1 Some First Impressions of Men Who Go Down Under the Sea
6. 06 - The Deep-Sea Diver Pt 2 A Visit to the Burying-ground of Wrecks
7. 07 - The Deep-Sea Diver Pt 3 An Afternoon of Story-telling on the Steam-pump Dunderberg
8. 08 - The Deep-Sea Diver Pt 4 Wherein We Meet Sharks, Alligators, and a Very Tough Problem in Wrecking
9. 09 - The Deep-Sea Diver Pt 5 In Which the Author Puts on a Diving-suit and Goes Down to a Wreck
10. 10 -The Balloonist Pt 1 Here We Visit A Balloon Farm And Talk, With The Man Who Runs It
11. 11 - The Balloonist Pt 2 Which Treats of Experiments in Steering Balloons
12. 12 - The Balloonist Pt 3 Something About Explosive Balloons and the Wonders of Hydrogen
13. 13 - The Ballonist pt 4 The Story of a Boy Who Ran Away in a Big Balloon
14. 14 - The Pilot Pt 1 Some Stirring Tales of the Sea Heard at the Pilot's Club
15. 15 - The Pilot Pt 2 Which Shows How Pilots on the St. Lawrence Fight the Ice-floe
16. 16 - The Pilot Pt 3 Now We Watch the Men Who Shoot the Furious Rapids at Lachine
17. 17 - The Pilot Pt 4 What Canadian Pilots Did in the Cataracts of the Nile
18. 18 - The Bridge-Builder Pt 1 In Which We Visit a Place of Unusual Fears and Perils
19. 19 - The Bridge Builder Part 2 The Experience of Two Novices in Balancing Along Narrow Girders and Watching the 'Traveler' Gang
20. 20 - The Bridge Builder Part 3 Which Tells of Men Who Have Fallen from Great Heights
21. 21 - The Fireman part 1Wherein We See a Sleeping Village Swept by a River of Fire and the Burning of a Famous Hotel
22. 22 - The Fireman Pt 2 What Bill Brown Did in the Great Tarrant Fire
23. 23 - The Fireman Pt 3 Here We Visit an Engine-house at Night and Chat with the Driver
24. 24 - The Fireman Pt 4 Famous Rescues by New York Fire-boats from Red-hot Ocean Liners
25. 25 - The Aerial Acrobat Pt 1 Showing That it Takes More Than Muscle and Skill to Work on the High Bars
26. 26 - The Aërial Acrobat Pt 2 About Double and Triple Somersaults and the Danger of Losing Heart
27. 27 - The Aërial Acrobat Pt 3 In Which the Author Tries His Hand with Professional Trapeze Performer
28. 28 - The Aërial Acrobat Pt 4 Some Remarkable Falls and Narrow Escapes of Famous Athletes
29. 29 - The Wild Beast Tamer Part 1 We Visit a Queer Resort for Circus People and Talk with a Trainer of Elephants
30. 30 - The Wild Beast Tamer Part 2 Methods of Lion-tamers and the Story of Brutus's Attack on Mr. Bostock
31. 31 - The Wild Beast Tamer Part 3 Bonavita Describes His Fight with Seven Lions and George Arstingstall Tells How He Conquered a Mad Elephant
32. 32 - The Wild Beast Tamer Part 4 We See Mr. Bostock Matched Against a Wild Lion and Hear About the Tiger Rajah
33. 33 - The Wild Beast Tamer Part 5 We Spend a Night Among Wild Beasts and See the Dangerous Lion Black Prince
34. 34 - The Dynamite Worker Pt 1 The Story of Some Millionaire Heroes and the World's Greatest Powder Explosion
35. 35 - The Dynamite Worker Pt 2 We Visit a Dynamite-factory and Meet a Man Who Thinks Courage is an Accident
36. 36 - The Dynamite Worker Pt 3 How Joshua Plumstead Stuck to His Nitro-Glycerin-Vat in an Explosion and Saved the Works
37. 37 - The Locomotive Engineer Pt 1 How it Feels to Ride at Night on a Locomotive Going Ninety Miles an Hour
38. 38 - The Locomotive Engineer Pt 2 We Pick Up Some Engine Lore and Hear About the Death of Giddings
39. 39 - The Locomotive Engineer Pt 3 Some Memories of the Great Record-breaking Run from Chicago to Buffalo
40. 40 - The Locomotive Engineer Pt 4 We Hear Some Thrilling Stories at a Round-house and Reach the End of the Book

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In this volume of adventure the author depicts the lives of certain humble modern heroes whose unconscious courage ordinarily goes unnoticed. Mr. Moffett has chosen unusual and picturesque careers, and has offered dramatic scenes from the lives of the steeple climber, the diver, the balloonist,the pilot, the bridge builder, the fireman, the aerial acrobat, the wild animal trainer, the dynamite worker and lastly the locomotive driver.