Cape Cod Stories cover

Cape Cod Stories

Joseph Crosby Lincoln (1870-1944)

1. 01 Two Pairs Of Shoes
2. 02 The Count And The Manager
3. 03 The South Shore Weather Bureau
4. 04 The Dog Star
5. 05 The Mare And The Motor
6. 06 The Mark On The Door
7. 07 The Love Of Lobelia 'ankins
8. 08 The Meanness Of Rosy
9. 09 The Antiquers
10. 10 His Native Heath
11. 11 Jonesy

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This book (eleven short stories) was also published under the title of “The Old Home House”. Joseph Crosby Lincoln (1870 – 1944) was an American author of novels, poems, and short stories, many set in a fictionalized Cape Cod. Lincoln's work frequently appeared in popular magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post and The Delineator.... Lincoln claimed that he was satisfied "spinning yarns" that made readers feel good about themselves and their neighbors. Two of his stories have been adapted to film. Lincoln's literary career celebrating "old Cape Cod" can partly be seen as an attempt to return to an Eden from which he had been driven by family tragedy. His literary portrayal of Cape Cod can also be understood as a pre-modern haven occupied by individuals of old Yankee stock which was offered to readers as an antidote to an America that was undergoing rapid modernization, urbanization, immigration, and industrialization.... Lincoln died in 1944, at the age of 73, in Winter Park, Florida.