Camp-Fire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot cover

Camp-Fire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot

Stella M. Francis

1. 01 - A Country Town Fourth of July
2. 02 - Aunt Hannah's Indignation
3. 03 - Aunt Hannah's Loss
4. 04 - A Startling Discovery
5. 05 - Locked Out
6. 06 - Braving the Spooks
7. 07 - Letting Hazel Explain
8. 08 - Back to Camp
9. 09 - Dissect and Analyze Gossip
10. 10 - An Unwelcome Caller
11. 11 - A Storm and a Story
12. 12 - A Sequel to the Secret
13. 13 - Hazel Asks a Question
14. 14 - A Story Cut Short
15. 15 - Hazel Figures It Out
16. 16 - Three Messengers
17. 17 - Calling Help
18. 18 - Camp Fire Girl Scouts
19. 19 - The Rescue
20. 20 - Sleeping Too Late
21. 21 - The Midnight Council Fire
22. 22 - Aunt Hannah Wakes Up
23. 23 - Aunt Hannah Remembers
24. 24 - Aunt Hannah Shoots
25. 25 - She Hit the Mark

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Teen-ager Hazel Edwards and the other twelve members of the Flamingo Camp-Fire Girls experience some real adventure when they are invited to spend part of their summer as guests of Hazel’s elderly aunt on her large country farm. Mrs. Hannah Hutchins is a widow living alone with a few servants and farming assistants in her home in the midwestern town of Fairberry. The girls set up camp on a section of Aunt Hannah’s farm but, before too long, an incident occurs during the annual Fourth of July celebration in Fairberry. What happens will have far-reaching consequences for Hazel’s Aunt Hannah and the girls of Flamingo Camp Fire as they must use the skills they’ve gained to fend off desperate characters and help Aunt Hannah to ‘remember’ what she forgot. This book, Camp-Fire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot, is one of numerous books written about the Camp-Fire Girls and their experiences.



- Camp-Fire Girls in the Country

Story for young girls interested in stories of their grandmother's childhood. Consistently narrated in a clear and well metered voice which is perfectly suited to the story.