Bulldog Drummond cover

Bulldog Drummond

Sapper (Herman Cyril McNeile) (1888-1937)

1. 01 - Prologue
2. 02 - Chapter 1 - In Which He Takes Tea at the Carlton and is Surprised
3. 03 - Chapter 2 - In Which He Journeys to Godalming and the Game Begins
4. 04 - Chapter 3 - In Which Things Happen in Half Moon Street
5. 05 - Chapter 4 - In Which He Spends a Quiet Night at The Elms
6. 06 - Chapter 5 - In Which There is Trouble at Goring
7. 07 - Chapter 6 - In Which a Very Old Game Takes Place on the Hog's Back
8. 08 - Chapter 7 - In Which He Spends an Hour or Two on a Roof
9. 09 - Chapter 8 - In Which He Goes to Paris for a Night
10. 10 - Chapter 9 - In Which He Has a Near Shave
11. 11 - Chapter 10 - In Which the Hun Nation Decreases by One
12. 12 - Chapter 11- In Which Lakington Plays his Last 'Coup'
13. 13 - Chapter 12- In Which the Last Round Takes Place & Epilogue

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‘Sapper’, the pseudonym of Colonel. H.C. McNeile M.C. was one of the most popular English writers of thrillers between the two world wars. And Hugh (Bulldog) Drummond was his most popular leading character. This book, the first of the series, is of its time. Opinions are expressed which would not pass muster today and the books are strongly laced with jingoism, racial stereotypes and hostile references to foreigners. Naturally all the villains are masters of disguise and invariably put off murdering the hero until later whist they think of something absolutely beastly. Nevertheless the story is a good one and well told.



- Bulldog Drummond

What they call a 'ripping yarn' it was good but not great, a little too over the top for my liking. The narrators vary, in their way they are all good, some are even excellent, however, the last has a halting / echo quality which grated a bit.