British Highways And Byways From A Motor Car cover

British Highways And Byways From A Motor Car

Thomas Dowler Murphy (1866-1928)

1. 01 - A Few Generalities
2. 02 - In and About London
3. 03 - A Pilgrimage to Canterbury
4. 04 - A Run Through the Midlands
5. 05 - The Border Towns, Shrewsbury and Ludlow
6. 06 - London to Land's End
7. 07 - From Cornwall to South Wales
8. 08 - Through Beautiful Wales
9. 09 - Chester to the 'Hielands'
10. 10 - Through Historic Scotland
11. 11 - From Edinburgh to Yorkshire
12. 12 - In Old Yorkshire
13. 13 - A Zig-Zag Trip from York to Norwich
14. 14 - Peterborough, Fotheringhay, Etc
15. 15 - The Cromwell Country; Colchester
16. 16 - The Haunts of Milton and Penn
17. 17 - A Chapter of Divers Places and Experiences
18. 18 - In Surrey and Sussex
19. 19 - Knole House and Penshurst
20. 20 - Some Might-Have-Beens

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In this chronicle of a summer's motoring in Britain I have not attempted a guide-book in any sense, yet the maps, together with the comments on highways, towns, and country, should be of some value even in that capacity. I hope, however, that the book, with its many illustrations and its record of visits to out-of-the way places, may be acceptable to those who may desire to tour Britain by rail or cycle as well as by motor car. Nor may it be entirely uninteresting to those who may not expect to visit the country in person but desire to learn more of it and its people. (Introduction by Thomas Dowler Murphy)



- Bad narrator

This could be a great book if it was just read a bit more slowly and less of a monotone voice I can't even get past the first chapter I am trying to listen to it but it's more like a barrage of information pumped into my ears.