The Brass Bottle cover

The Brass Bottle

F. Anstey (1856-1934)

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5. Chapter 05
6. Chapter 06
7. Chapter 07
8. Chapter 08
9. Chapter 09
10. Chapter 10
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19. Chapter 19

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What happens when a not-so-lucky man happens upon a brass bottle and releases the djinni caught within? Misunderstanding, culture shock, hilarity, among other things. Will the well-intentioned djinni help his new master? Or will he make things even worse?


Abhinav Tyagi

- Good story!!

Good story but a lot of narrations of environment and other fictional things..

Phillip Dauben

I enjoyed this book. Quite opposite from what you would think if a genie came into your life and granted every wish. Makes you remember the saying, "be careful for what you wish for." A couple of the readers were hard to listen to, but didn't detract from the story much.


- Great story!

A very funny story, great characters, excellent reader. I'll listen to this again someday.