Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln cover

Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln

Helen Nicolay (1866-1954)

1. Chapter 1 - A President's Childhood
2. Chapter 2 - Captain Lincoln
3. Chapter 3 - Lawyer Lincoln
4. Chapter 4 - Congressman Lincoln
5. Chapter 5 - The Champion of Freedom
6. Chapter 6 - The New President
7. Chapter 7 - Lincoln And The War
8. Chapter 8 - Unsuccessful Generals
9. Chapter 9 - Freedom For The Slaves
10. Chapter 10 - The Man Who Was President
11. Chapter 11 - The Turning Point Of The Way
12. Chapter 12 - The Conquerer Of A Great Rebellion
13. Chapter 13 - The Fourthteenth of April

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The Boys’ Life of Abraham Lincoln is a biography with many anecdotes that takes one deeper into the thoughts, personality, and beliefs of the man that was Lincoln. While the title indicates the book is about Lincoln’s life as a boy, the book is a full, if somewhat shortened biography. It is very well written and was a joy to record. One might ask, "Who was Helen Nicolay?" Her father, John George Nicolay, was Abraham Lincoln's private secretary and doubtless much of the material comes from his complete biography of Abraham Lincoln. (