Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge cover

Boy Scouts in the Blue Ridge

St. George Henry Rathborne (1854-1938)

1. The Hike Through the Smoky Range
2. Seeing Giraffe Through
3. In the Deserted Log Cabin
4. After the Storm
5. The Jones Boy Comes to Grief at Last
6. More Signs of Trouble Ahead
7. The Message of the Split Stick
8. Bob Confides in the Patrol Leader
9. Opening Communications
10. The Voice of the Silver Fox Patrol
11. What was Under the Hat
12. An Honored Guest
13. Baiting Old Phin, the Moonshiner
14. The Return of the Eighth Scout
15. The Flickering Torch Talk
16. Climbing the Mountain
17. In Luck Again
18. Polly Gives her Promise
19. The Silent Vidette
20. The Awakening of Step-hen
21. 'Be Prepared!'
22. When Bob Came Back
23. A Climb in the Dark
24. The Clock in the Sky
25. Bob Gets his Reward
26. The 'Still' in the Mountain Cave
27. Bumpus Calls for Three Cheers
28. Home Again--Conclusion

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The Silver Fox Patrol is hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, at the invitation of Bob White. They are enjoying their outing in a real wilderness, but trouble comes along from a local Moonshiner. Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne. (Ann Boulais)