Boy Scouts First Camp Fire cover

Boy Scouts First Camp Fire

St. George Henry Rathborne (1854-1938)

1. A Halt by the Roadside
2. Prisoner of the Tree Stump
3. The Accusation Made by Step-Hen
4. When the Fire was Kindled
5. An Uninvited Guest
6. The Dancing Bear
7. Smithy Did It
8. A Night to be Remembered
9. Lucky Bruin
10. Looking to Big Things Ahead
11. The Scout Who Used His Eyes
12. Bumpus Makes a Find
13. The Mysterious Island
14. Marooned
15. The Boy From the Blue Ridge
16. The Pictures that Talked
17. The Maker of Fires
18. The Alarm
19. A Good Riddance
20. Drawing Straws for a Chance
21. Step-Hen's Strategy Fails
22. The Patched Shoe Again
23. Figuring it Out
24. What Smithy Found
25. The Scout-Master's Scheme
26. A Signal Station in a Tree-Top
27. The Wig-Wag Telegraph
28. The Trail Among the Rocks
29. Springing the Trap
30. The Mystery Solved-Conclusion

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The Silver Fox Patrol is out on their first camping trip! The boys, Thad the fill-in scout-master, Allan, Bumpus, Davy Jones, Smithy, Bob White, Giraffe and Step-Hen, are learning many new things about being scouts and about themselves. But when a bear invades the camp, their trip turns into an adventure that they will talk about for a long time! Herbert Carter is one of many pseudonyms used by St George Rathborne.