Boy Scout Aviators cover

Boy Scout Aviators

George Durston

1. Serious News, part 1
2. Serious News, part 2
3. Quick Work, part 1
4. Quick Work, part 2
5. Picked for Service, part 1
6. Picked for Service, part 2
7. The House of the Heliograph, part 1
8. The House of the Heliograph, part 2
9. On the Trail, part 1
10. On the Trail, part 2
11. The Mystery of Bray Park, part 1
12. The Mystery of Bray Park, part 2
13. A Close Shave
14. A Friend in Need, part 1
15. A Friend in Need, part 2
16. An Unexpected Blow!
17. A Good Witness
18. The First Blow
19. The Silent Wire
20. A Treacherous Deed
21. The Trap
22. A Daring Ruse
23. The Cipher
24. A Capture from the Skies
25. Vindication

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Follow the adventures of Harry Fleming, Dick Mercer, and Jack Young in this exciting Boy Scout adventure! Harry is an American Boy Scout separated from his country and hometown when his father has to go on a trip to England for business. He joins a Boy Scout troop there and meets Dick Mercer. Together they help solve an exciting mystery in the midst of heliographs, spies, and traps, finding their way to the spy headquarters, Bray Park. They must solve a mystery and save England, with the help of a Boy Scout they meet along the way, Jack Young. (Kangaroo692)