Book of Missionary Heroes cover

Book of Missionary Heroes

Basil Joseph Mathews (1879-1951)

1. Prologue The Relay Race
2. Book One: THE PIONEERS Chapter 1 The Hero of the Long Trail (St. Paul)
3. Chapter 2 The Men on the Shingle Beach (Wilfrid of Sussex)
4. Chapter 3 The Knight of a New Crusade (Raymond Lull)
5. Chapter 4 Francis Cœur-de-Lion (St. Francis of Assisi)
6. Book Two: THE ISLAND ADVENTURERS Chapter 5 The Adventurous Ship (The Duff)
7. Chapter 6 The Island Beacon Fires (Papeiha)
8. Chapter 7 The Daybreak Call (John Williams)
9. Chapter 8 Kapiolani, the Heroine of Hawaii (Kapiolani)
10. Chapter 9 The Canoe of Adventure (Elikana
11. Chapter 10 The Arrows of Santa Cruz (Patteson)
12. Chapter 11 Five Knots in a Palm Leaf (Patteson)
13. Chapter 12 The Boy of the Adventurous Heart (Chalmers)
14. Chapter 13 The Scout of Papua (Chalmers)
15. Chapter 14 A South Sea Samaritan (Ruatoka)
16. Book Three: THE PATHFINDERS OF AFRICA Chapter 15 The Man Who Would Go On (Livingstone)
17. Chapter 16 A Black Prince of Africa (Khama)
18. Chapter 17 The Knight of the Slave Girls (George Grenfel)
19. Chapter 18 "A Man Who Can Turn His Hand to Anything" (Mackay)
20. Chapter 19 The Roadmaker (Mackay)
21. Chapter 20 Fighting the Slave Trade (Mackay)
22. Chapter 21 The Black Apostle of the Lonely Lake (Shomolakae)
23. Chapter 22 The Woman Who Conquered Cannibals (Mary Slessor)
24. Book Four: HEROINES AND HEROES OF PLATEAU AND DESERT Chapter 23 Sons of the Desert (Abdallah and Sabat)
25. Chapter 24 A Race Against Time (Henry Martyn)
26. Chapter 25 The Moses of the Assyrians (Dr. Shedd)
27. Chapter 26 An American Nurse in the Great War (E.D. Cushman)
28. Chapter 27 On the Desert Camel Trail (Archibald Forder
29. Chapter 28 The Friend of the Arab (Archibald Forder

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Through the centuries, the world has been witness to an unbroken trail of heroes--men and women who braved privation, danger, and death to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the darkest corners of the earth. Some are well known, others long forgotten, but all belong to the same indomitable band of torch-bearers. Join a few of these heroes as they face cannibals, battle slave traders, and care for sick enemies, always with one mission at the forefront--to serve their Lord and bring others into His light.