Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge cover

Bobbsey Twins at Snow Lodge

Laura Lee Hope

1. The Runaways
2. Old Mr. Carford
3. The Big Snowball
4. The Accusation
5. Holidays at Hand
6. A Visit to Mr. Carford
7. The Story of Snow Lodge
8. A Kind Offer
9. Mr. Bobbsey's Story
10. Unwelcome News
11. Making Plans
12. The Letters
13. In a Hard Blow
14. At Snow Lodge
15. The Snow Slide
16. Lost in the Woods
17. Henry Burdock
18. Snowballs
19. Snap is Gone
20. The Big Storm
21. The Falling Tree
22. The Missing Money

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The Bobbsey Twins are back at school after summer vacation, but Danny Rugg, the school bully, is up to mischief again--and this time he's trying to pin it onto Bert. Bert gets accused of freezing a giant snowball to the school steps, and all the evidence seems to point against him. Christmas is coming too, and the Bobbsey Twins are busy planning for their trip to Snow Lodge--where a lost treasure, a restored friendship, and exciting adventures await.