Blue Jar Story Book cover

Blue Jar Story Book

Alicia Catherine Mant (1788-1869)

1. The Blue Jar by Maria Edgeworth
2. The Basket-Woman by Maria Edgeworth
3. The Sea Voyage by Charles Lamb
4. The Changeling by Mary Lamb
5. The Inquisitive Girl by anonymous
6. The Little Blue Bag, part 1 by Alicia Catherine Mant
7. The Little Blue Bag, part 2 by Alicia Catherine Mant

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This is a collection of 6 delightful stories about children by some of the best authors of the period: Charles Lamb, Mary Lamb, Maria Edgeworth and Alicia Catherine Mant. These stories are well written and although they feature children and their escapades, clearly can be enjoyed by adults as well if not more.