Blue Bird for Children cover

Blue Bird for Children

Maurice Maeterlinck (1862-1949)

1. Introduction
2. Chapter I - The Woodcutter's Cottage
3. Chapter II - At the Faity's
4. Chapter III - The Land of Memory
5. Chapter IV - The Palace of Night
6. Chapter V - The Kingdom of the Future
7. Chapter VI - In the Temple of Light
8. Chapter VII - The Graveyard
9. Chapter VIII - The Forest
10. Chapter IX - The Leave-Taking
11. Chapter X - The Awakening

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One of the strongest pieces of imaginative writing for children that the past decade has produced and one of the most delicate and beautiful of all times, is "The Blue Bird," by Maurice Maeterlinck, written as a play, and very successfully produced on the stage. Georgette Leblanc (Madame Maurice Maeterlinck), has rendered this play in story form for children, under the title "The Children's Blue Bird," and in this form it has now been carefully edited and arranged for schools. On the night of Christmas a boy and a girl, Tyltil and Mytil, are visited by Fairy Berilyuna. Fairy's granddaughter is sick and can only be saved by the Blue Bird. Thanks to the Fairy's magic gift children have the opportunity to see the soul of things. Inanimate objects Clocks, Fire, Water, Bread, Sugar, Milk transformed into beings with their own character. Together, they set off on a dangerous journey for the fabulous Blue Bird. (F.O. Perkins, A.T. de Mattos, ShiNeko, Wikipedia)