The Black Star cover

The Black Star

Johnston McCulley (1883-1958)

1. 01 - An Aided Escape
2. 02 - The Black Star
3. 03 - Into the Pit
4. 04 - Rogue For a Day
5. 05 - Muggs on Guard
6. 06 - An Unprofitable Afternoon
7. 07 - Identical Orders
8. 08 - The Police Get a Tip
9. 09 - Chickens Come Home To Roost
10. 10 - Caught In a Net
11. 11 - Close Quarters
12. 12 - At the Charity Ball
13. 13 - Muggs - Great Little Man
14. 14 - Unexpected News
15. 15 - The Challenge
16. 16 - A Nocturnal Visit
17. 17 - Interrupted Conversation
18. 18 - Mysteries
19. 19 - Suspicion
20. 20 - The Voice on the Wire
21. 21 - The End of the Wire
22. 22 - On the Scent
23. 23 - Into the Vault
24. 24 - How It Ended
25. 25 - Shadowed By Three
26. 26 - A Man of Mystery
27. 27 - In Black Star's Hands
28. 28 - The Police Launch
29. 29 - Black Star Takes a Trick
30. 30 - Muggs In Action
31. 31 - In the Bank
32. 32 - A Narrow Escape
33. 33 - Puzzled Police
34. 34 - What Happened To the Chief
35. 35 - An Unexpected Blow
36. 36 - In Custody

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The Black Star was a master criminal who took great care to never be identifiable, always wore a mask so nobody knew what he looked like, rarely spoke to keep his voice from being recognized, and the only mark left at the scenes of the crimes which he and his gang committed were small black stars which were tacked as a sign of their presence, and an occasional sarcastic note to signify his presence and responsibility. Even those who worked for him knew nothing of him, all of which were making his crimes virtually unsolvable. The police were at a complete loss as to his identity and at a method of stopping his criminal activities. He seemed to have the perfect strategic setup and all advantages were in his favor. He even somehow knew where the wealthy kept their jewels and money, and knew when they would remove valuable items from their safes and deposit boxes. Thus Roger Verbeck decided to take on the case of the Black Star using his own methodology. The Black Star will keep you guessing from beginning to end, just as he kept the police and Verbeck guessing.Johnston McCulley was a prolific writer in the pulp fiction vein, and his Zorro series would become immensely popular. However, prior to Zorro, the Black Star was among his first repeating characters which kept readers of the day in continual suspense until his next appearance. McCulley also wrote mysteries and detective stories using various pseudonyms, including Harrison Strong. (Introduction by Roger Melin)


Doug Nelon

- The Black Star

Great book, great job reading by Roger Melin. Makes the storie better, I try and find any book Roger has reading for,


- The Black Star

A good story, very much of its era with many of the scenes are somewhat incredulous, Roger Melin does a great job of reading, as always.

Andy Wogan

Thoroughly enjoyable romp worthy of the writer of Zorro Roger is an excellent reader