Bird Stories from Burroughs cover

Bird Stories from Burroughs

John Burroughs (1837-1921)

1. The Bluebird + The Bluebird (poem)
2. The Robin
3. The Flicker
4. The Phoebe + The Coming of Phoebe (poem)
5. The Cowbird
6. The Chipping Sparrow
7. The Chewink
8. The Brown Thrasher
9. The House Wren
10. The Song Sparrow
11. The Chinmey Swift
12. The Oven-Bird
13. The Catbird
14. The Bobolink + The Bobolink (poem)
15. The Wood Thrush
16. The Baltimore Oriole
17. The Whip-poor-will
18. The Black-Throated Blue Warbler
19. The Marsh Hawk
20. The Winter Wren
21. The Cedar-Bird
22. The Goldfinch
23. The Hen-Hawk
24. The Ruffed Grouse, or Partridge + The Partridge (poem)
25. The Crow + The Crow (poem)
26. The Northern Shrike
27. The Screech Owl
28. The Chickadee
29. The Downy Woodpecker + The Downy Woodpecker (poem)

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What a better way to learn about birds than to read this delightful collection of interesting bird stories! John Burroughs was a nature essayist. These creative, observation- and emotion-driven stories about birds (largely from the Northeastern states), have been gathered together into a single volume from all his various works. Every chapter follows one species of birds, and the chapters have been arranged chronologically according to the time of the bird's arrival during the year. This collection has lovely illustrations of the birds by Louis Agassiz Fuertes, and some stories also have poems to go along with them.