Biography of a Prairie Girl cover

Biography of a Prairie Girl

Eleanor Gates (1875-1951)

1. The Coming of the Stork
2. A Frontier Christening
3. 'Little Boy Blue'
4. A Pariah of the Prairies
5. The Misfit Scholar
6. The Story of a Planting
7. Twice in Jeopardy
8. A Harvest Wedding
9. The Price of Convalescence
10. 'Badgy'
11. A Trade and a Trick
12. The Professor's 'Find'
13. A Race and a Rescue
14. Hard Times
15. The Fate of a Crowing Hen
16. The Reservation Trip
17. Another Mound on the Bluff
18. The Little Teacher
19. Toward the Rising Sun

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This book is a wonderful way to learn about how the prairies were years ago, but you will hardly feel you are learning because you will be caught up with the 'little girl', living with her as she grows up far away from any large city. Very well written, in this book you live, worry, and rejoice, along with the little girl. Whether it is through a prairie fire, raising some interesting and queer pet, having fun at some big prairie-time event, or worming her way out of trouble, the little girl continues to grow, until at the end, you leave, not a little girl, but a young lady stepping into womanhood.