The Bible, American Standard Version (ASV) - Genesis cover

The Bible, American Standard Version (ASV) - Genesis

1. 01 – Chapters 01-07
2. 02 – Chapters 08-15
3. 03 – Chapters 16-23
4. 04 – Chapters 24-30
5. 05 – Chapters 31-37
6. 06 – Chapters 38-43
7. 07 – Chapters 44-50

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The Bible was first translated into English some time in the 7th century by an unnamed monk known to us as the Venerable Bede. This was the Old English version and the work of translation from Vulgate Latin into Middle English was taken up again in the 14th century by the famous religious dissenter John Wycliffe. Modern translations date from the 16th century onwards and these were sourced from Greek and Hebrew versions as well as Latin. Most translations are made by a large group of scholars and a committee is set up to review and modify the work as required. This is to avoid any individual biases and assist in cross-checking references and come to a consensus on the closest meaning of words when they are translated. However, there have been notable translations by individuals as well. The ASV or the American Standard Version was first published in 1900. It's often referred to as the “Standard Bible” in the USA. There was an authorized version published in 1611 in America, but a need was felt for a new perspective. In 1871, a committee was formed of some two dozen noted Biblical scholars, linguists and historians under the aegis of Philip Schaff, a Protestant theologian. Almost all the denominations in America were represented, including Presbyterians, Baptists, Episcopalians etc. Better understanding of Greek and a broader library of manuscripts were factors that influenced the translation. Simultaneously a British team was working on the revised version, but it soon disbanded and in 1911, the final American version was published under copyright by Thomas Nelson & Sons. The language in the ASV is Elizabethan English and the name of the Almighty is Jehovah. This Bible has been the version for many others like the Philippines Language Bibles and is preferred by Jehovah's Witnesses. The ASV is much preferred by American scholars rather than the more modern versions.



- the bible

this book is a classic for all the religious people read it, it was very religious


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get good

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- a good experience

nice rhythm, storyline and voice.

Ariana Kuiper

- The bible

I think having the bible to read because then you can read and learn About God and see how good he his


- Holy Bible ASV Version

A Jehova Witness Approved Translation is about the last one I would trust...0 stars if possible to give. USE KING JAMES OR ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION or something else not designed for a specific "Church" slant.


- Holy BiIble

This is a great book if you belive in god!!!