Between the Lines cover

Between the Lines

Boyd Cable (1878-1943)

1. Dedication & Foreword
2. The Advanced Trenches
3. Shells
4. The Mine
5. Artillery Support
6. "Nothing to Report"
7. The Promise of Spring
8. The Advance
9. A Convert to Conscription
10. "Business as Usual"
11. A Hymn of Hate
12. The Cost
13. A Smoker's Companion
14. The Job of the Am. Col.
15. The Signaller's Day

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This book, all of which has been written at the Front within sound of the German guns and for the most part within shell and rifle range, is an attempt to tell something of the manner of struggle that has gone on for months between the lines along the Western Front, and more especially of what lies behind and goes to the making of those curt and vague terms in the war communiqués. I think that our people at Home will be glad to know more, and ought to know more, of what these bald phrases may actually signify, when, in the other sense, we read 'between the lines.'