The Best Man cover

The Best Man

Grace Livingston Hill (1865-1947)

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Cyril Gordon, a young and handsome secret service agent is running from pursuers who desperately want the information he holds. He hides out from them in a church, and then finds himself married to a woman he’s never seen before. A sweet and sometimes, funny, romance, with several exciting chases.




I highly recommend this book! it is so exciting! and the reader is phenomenal! I just love all the Grace Livingston Hill books! you won't regret listening to this!


- Quaint story

You have to remember these books were written almost 100 years ago. Very quaint and enjoyable.

Jerry Alexander

- Excellent Listening

OK, this is not James Bond. The plot is much less complex. But the listening is easy, the reader is outstanding, and you may find yourself wanting to not stop listening until you have heard it all.

Daniel Combellick

- Bad, and GREAT

This is a very poorly written book, but the reader is so good I had to listen to the whole thing. She is a wonderful reader. The best I have heard on this site, by a long way. Thanks for the wonderful reading.