Bayard  from Bengal cover

Bayard from Bengal

F. Anstey (1856-1934)

1. From Calcutta to Cambridge oversea Route
2. How Mr. Bhosh Delivered a Damsel from a Dememted Cow
3. The Involuntary Fascinator
4. A Kick from a Friendly Foot
5. The Duel to the Death
6. Lord Jolly Is Satisfied
7. The Adventure of the Unwieldy Gift Horse
8. A Rightabout Facer for Mr. Bhosh
9. The Dark Horse
10. Trust Her Not! She Is Fooling Thee!
11. Stone Walls Do Not Make a Cage
12. A Race Against Time
13. A Sensational Derby Struggle
14. A Grand Finish
15. The Parables of Piljosh

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The estimable gentleman, Chunder Bindabun Bhosh, ESQ., B.A., travels from his native India to England, with his impeccable English and manners, which immediately mark him as a foreigner, and embarks on an enviable program of escapades. These stories are the product of the fertile imagination of Hurry Bungsho Jabberjee, B.A., a nom de plume for the humorist F. Anstey, which is a further nom de plume for Thomas Anstey Guthrie. Whether rescuing a nubile maiden from a charging bull or falling in love with said nubile maiden, Mr. Bosh, B. A. cannot help but perform with the requisite humor to engage our attention.