Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars cover

Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars

Howard R. Garis (1873-1962)

1. A Hot Game
2. Tieing the Score
3. Mrs. Matson is Worried
4. A Row with Sam
5. Joe Helps the Manager
6. Joe Has Hopes
7. Laughed at
8. A Mean Protest
9. Joe in the Game
10. A Tight Contest
11. Joe’s Run
12. Discontent
13. Scientific Practice
14. A Kettle of Apple Sauce
15. Joe Overhears Something
16. Mr. Matson is Alarmed
17. A Throwing Contest
18. Another Defeat
19. Joe is Watched
20. "Would You Like to Pitch?"
21. To the Rescue
22. A Delayed Pitcher
23. Joe in the Box
24. Sam Arrives
25. Joe Foils the Plotters
26. Sam Resigns
27. Bad News
28. The Fight
29. The Challenge
30. The Winning Throw - Conclusion

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"Baseball Joe" Matson has recently moved to Riverside with his family, in this opening volume of Baseball Joe series. Joe is a wide-awake country boy who enjoys playing baseball. We follow his career in the series, and his adventures, as he joins Riverside's local nine and makes good, playing the position he most enjoys - that of pitcher, are recounted here. When not on the diamond, Joe is assisting his father against foes who are trying to steal Mr. Matson's machinery patents.Lester Chadwick is one of dozens of house pseudonyms created by the Stratemeyer Syndicate in the early to mid 1900's, to "author" children's series. Contract writers (whose identities were to remain unknown under tight secrecy) were hired to write the books in the series under the various names, usually multiple writers contributing volumes to a particular series. Howard R. Garis (1873-1962) is thought to have solely ghost-written the 14-volume Baseball Joe series.