Barks and Purrs cover

Barks and Purrs

Colette (1873-1954)

1. 01 – Preface and Dramatis Personae
2. 02 – Sentimentalities
3. 03 – On the Train
4. 04 – Dinner is Late
5. 05 – She is Ill
6. 06 – The First Fire
7. 07 – The Storm
8. 08 – A Caller

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Barks and Purrs is a collection of seven episodes in the lives of Toby-Dog, a French Bulldog, and Kiki-the-Demure, a Maltese cat, living in a comfortable household. The episodes cover a hot afternoon, a train ride, and what happened when dinner was late or their mistress was ill. We hear about the first fire in autumn, a heavy storm, and about a visitor in the household.Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette-Willy was throughout her life a controversial French novelist. She published around 50 novels; the best known is “Gigi”.