Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie cover

Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)

1. Parents and Childhood
2. Dunfermline and America
3. Pittsburgh and Work
4. Colonel Anderson and Books
5. The Telegraph Office
6. Railroad Service
7. Superintendent of the Pennsylvania
8. Civil War Period
9. Bridge-Building
10. The Iron Works
11. New York as Headquarters
12. Business Negotiations
13. The Age of Steel
14. Partners, Books, and Travel
15. Coaching Trip and Marriage
16. Mills and the Men
17. The Homestead Strike
18. Problems of Labor
19. The "Gospel of Wealth"
20. Educational and Pension Funds
21. The Peace Palace and Pittencrieff
22. Matthew Arnold and Others
23. British Political Leaders
24. Gladstone and Morley
25. Herbert Spencer and His Disciple
26. Blaine and Harrison
27. Washington Diplomacy
28. Hay and McKinley
29. Meeting the German Emperor

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This autobiography of Andrew Carnegie is a very well written and interesting history of one of the most wealthy men in the United states. He was born in Scotland in 1835 and emigrated to America in 1848. Among his many accomplishments and philanthropic works, he was an author, having written, besides this autobiography, Triumphant Democracy (1886; rev. ed. 1893), The Gospel of Wealth, a collection of essays (1900), The Empire of Business (1902), and Problems of To-day (1908)]. Although this autobiography was written in 1919, it was published posthumously in 1920.