Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West cover

Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. Caught By The Camera
2. An Object Lesson
3. An Attractive Girl
4. Aunt Jane's Nieces
5. A Thrilling Rescue
6. A. Jones
7. The Invalid
8. The Magic Of A Name
9. Doctor Patsy
10. Still A Mystery
11. A Damsel In Distress
12. Pictures, Girls And Nonsense
13. A Foolish Boy
14. Isidore Le Drieux
15. A Few Pearls
16. Trouble
17. Uncle John Is Puzzled
18. Doubts And Difficulties
19. Maud Makes A Memorandum
20. A Girlish Notion
21. The Yacht "Arabella"
22. Masculine And Feminine
23. The Advantage Of A Day
24. Picture Number Nineteen
25. Judgment
26. Sunshine After Rain

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After visiting Louise, Arthur and Toodlums at their ranch in Southern California, Beth and Patsy, together with Uncle John, decide to spend the winter at an hotel in the little village of Hollywood, where they get drawn into the new motion picture industry. New friends, adventures and mysteries await.