Aunt Jane's Nieces And Uncle John cover

Aunt Jane's Nieces And Uncle John

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. Introducing 'Mumbles'
2. Uncle John's Idea
3. Myrtle Dean
4. An Interesting Protege
5. A Wonder On Wheels
6. Wampus Speeds
7. The Chauffeur Improves
8. Among The Indians
9. Nature's Masterpiece
10. A Coyote Seranade
11. A Real Adventure At Last
12. Captured
13. The Fiddler
14. The Escape
15. The Romance Of Dan'l
16. Lodging At Spotville
17. Yellow Poppies
18. The Silent Man
19. 'Three Times'
20. On Point Loma
21. A Tale Of Woe
22. The Confession

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Aunt Jane's Nieces and Uncle John picks up the continuing story of the three cousins Patsy Doyle, Beth De Graf, and Louise Merrick, and their family; the plot of the book begins three days after the wedding of Louise and her fiancé Arthur Weldon, the event that concluded the sixth book in the series, Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society. Uncle John hires a touring car and the party makes a tour of the South West, visiting New Mexico and Arizona.



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Wonderful reading and beautiful book!