Aunt Jane's Nieces On The Ranch cover

Aunt Jane's Nieces On The Ranch

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. Uncle John Decides
2. El Cajon Ranch
3. That Blessed Baby!
4. Little Jane's Two Nurses
5. Inez Threatens
6. A Dinner With The Neighbors
7. Gone!
8. Very Mysterious
9. A Fruitless Search
10. Conjectures And Absurdities
11. The Major Encounters The Ghost
12. Another Disappearance
13. The Way It Happened
14. Prisoners Of The Wall
15. Mildred Confides In Inez
16. An Unexpected Arrival
17. The Prodigal Son
18. Laces And Gold
19. Inez And Miguel
20. Mr. Runyon's Discovery
21. A Fortune In Tatters
22. Faithful And True

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    Aunt Jane's Nieces On The Ranch sees the reappearance of Louise and Arthur Weldon after the birth of their first child, Jane. The family lives in California and hire a nurse, a local Mexican woman, much to Uncle John's disapproval. Racial tension is explored as a New York woman is brought in to care for the child. Meanwhile, the Mexican nurse, Inez, is certain the ranch is haunted.