At the Time Appointed cover

At the Time Appointed

Anna Maynard Barbour (d 1841)

1. 01 - John Darrell
2. 02 - A Night's Work
3. 03 - 'The Pines'
4. 04 - Life? Or Death?
5. 05 - John Britton
6. 06 - Echoes from the Past
7. 07 - At the Mines
8. 08 - Until the Day Breaks
9. 09 - Two Portraits
10. 10 - The Communion Of Two Souls
11. 11 - Impending Trouble
12. 12 - New Life in the Old Home
13. 13 - Mr. Underwood 'Strikes' First
14. 14 - Drifting
15. 15 - The Awakening
16. 16 - The Aftermath
17. 17 - She knows her Father's Will is Law
18. 18 - On the 'Divide'
19. 19 - The Return to Camp Bird
20. 20 - Forging the Fetters
21. 21 - Two Crimes by the Same Hand
22. 22 - The Fetters Broken
23. 23 - The Mask Lifted
24. 24 - Foreshadowings
25. 25 - The 'Hermitage'
26. 26 - John Britton's Story
27. 27 - The Rending of the Veil
28. 28 - 'As a Dream when One Awaketh'
29. 29 - John Darrell's Story
30. 30 - After Many Years
31. 31 - An Eastern Home
32. 32 - Marion Holmes
33. 33 - Into the Fullness of Life
34. 34 - A Warning
35. 35 - A Fiend at Bay
36. 36 - Senora Martinez
37. 37 - The Identification
38. 38 - Within the 'Pocket'
39. 39 - At the Time Appointed

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"Those who remember that excellent detective story, That Mainwaring Affair will expect to find plenty of mystery and exciting incidents in A. Maynard Barbour's latest novel, called At the Time Appointed, and they will realize their expectations.The author has a certain way of forecasting events and making people utter prophetic words, all bound to find their fulfillment somewhere before the last chapter is ended, that is eminently characteristic of one who delights in the knitting and raveling of the intricate plots which are a prime necessity in a detective story. The title itself cleverly suggests a long series of events slowly converging toward some mysteriously critical moment in which all their crookedness is revealed and made straight for the delectation of at least two people; and the is exactly the kind of a title for this story of long-delayed justice and patient hoping. The main object in a story of this kind is to make the events hang together and the narration of them entertaining. Both these requisites are attained. People will be sure to read this story at one sitting, even if that involves hearing the clock strike several times after midnight and that is one test of at least one kind of excellence in a novel." (excerpts from the NY Times review of At the Time Appointed published July 18, 1903)



- at the time appointed

Interesting story and happy ending. Good reader.


- at the Time Appointed

Good story from start to end, love story but there was turmoil in between, happy ending. Few readers but mostly were understandable.


- at the time appointed

Good story some love story but there was a commotion in between. One of the readers' recording was very noisy but still understandable, the rest of the readers were good/ok.


- At the Time Appointed

More of a love story than anything else, that may be because I had to skip a number of chapters due to the poor quality of readers.


- Interesting

An interesting story, well read for the most part. If you know Barbour, you already know who is who and what is what and how it ends, but enjoyable for all that.