Armourer's Prentices cover

Armourer's Prentices

Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901)

1. Preface
2. The Verdurer's Lodge
3. The Grange Of Silkstede
4. Kinsmen And Strangers
5. A Hero's Fall
6. The Dragon Court
7. A Sunday In The City
8. York House
9. Quipsome Hal
10. Arms Spiritual And Temporal
11. Two Vocations
12. Ay Di Me Grenada
13. A King In A Quagmire
14. A London Holiday
15. The Knight Of The Badger
16. Heave Half A Brick At Him
17. May Eve
18. Ill May Day
19. Pardon
20. At The Antelope
21. Cloth Of Gold On The Seamy Side
22. Sword Or Smithy
23. An Invasion
24. Unwelcome Preferment
25. The Soldier
26. Old Haunts

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Set in the sixteenth century, two young boys are left orphans and are turned out of their home by their older brother, or, more particularly, his shrewish wife. John has taken over their father's position as verdurer, but what are young Ambrose and Stephen to do? Visit and seek counsel from their old and infirm uncle, who lives on charity after leading a military life? Or chase the dream of finding their ne'er-do-well maternal uncle, who has reputedly made his fortune in the king's court.