Anything once cover

Anything once

Douglas Grant (aka Isabel Ostrander) (1883-1924)

1. 1 - A Roadside Meeting
2. 2 - Partners
3. 3 - The Vendor of Everything
4. 4 - Under the Big Top
5. 5 - Concerning an Omelet
6. 6 - The Red Note-Book
7. 7 - Revelations
8. 8 - Journey's End
9. 9 - The Long, Long Trail

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An unlikely pair of wanderers they were; the orphan girl Lou and her travelling partner Jim Botts. Jim appeared in need of following some apparent 'rules' during the journey, while Lou seemed in need of better clothing, and perhaps some refinement. But who was most benefitting whom on the week-long journey from rural village to big city? And which of the two was willing to try anything once? (Introduction by Roger Melin)