Isle in the Water cover

Isle in the Water

Katharine Tynan Hinkson (1859-1931)

1. The First Wife
2. The Story of Father Anthony O'Toole
3. The Unlawful Mother
4. A Rich Woman
5. How Mary Came Home
6. Mauryeen
7. A Wrestling
8. The Sea's Dead
9. Katie
10. The Death Spancel
11. A Solitary
12. The Man Who Was Hanged
13. A Prodigal Son
14. Changing the Nurseries
15. The Fields of My Childhood

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    'Here, among the hosts of ladies who write with care and inelegance, comes a woman artist. An Isle in the Water is a collection of fifteen well-conceived and excellently-finished Irish stories, for which it would be hard to find anything to say but praise. They are all extremely short for the force of their effect, and every touch tells; they are gracefully phrased without an appearance of artifice, subtly expressed without a suspicion of affectation.' -- Saturday Review, 1897