Among the Trees at Elmridge cover

Among the Trees at Elmridge

Ella Rodman Church (1831-)

1. Ch.1 - A Spring Opening
2. Ch. 2 - The Maples
3. Ch.3 - The old Acquaintances: the Elms
4. Ch.4 - Majesty and Strength: The Oak
5. Ch.5 - Beauty and Grace: the Ash
6. Ch.6 - The Olive Tree
7. Ch.7 - The useful Birch
8. Ch.8 - The Poplars
9. Ch.9 - All a-blow: the Apple Tree
10. Ch.10 - A fruitful Family: the Peach, Almond, Plum and Cherry
11. Ch.11 - The Cherry-Story
12. Ch.12 - The Mulberry Family
13. Ch.13 - Queer Relations: the Caoutchouc and the Milk Tree
14. Ch.14 - Home and Abroad: Linden, Camphor, Beech
15. Ch.15 - The Tent and the Locusts
16. Ch.16 - The Walnut Family and the Ailanthus
17. Ch.17 - Some beautiful Trees: the Chestnut and Horse-Chestnut
18. Ch.18 - Among the Pines
19. Ch.19 - Giant and Nut Pines
20. Ch.20 - More Winter Trees: the Firs and the Spruces
21. Ch.21 - The Cedars
22. Ch.22 - The Palms

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"On that bright spring afternoon when three happy, interested children went off to the woods with their governess to take their first lesson in the study of wild flowers, they saw also some other things which made a fresh series of "Elmridge Talks," and these things were found among the trees of the roadside and forest."