Among the Pond People cover

Among the Pond People

Clara Dillingham Pierson (1868-1952)

1. Preface
2. The Biggest Frog Awakens
3. The Dance of the Sand-hill Cranes
4. The Young Minnow Who Would Not Eat When He Should
5. The Stickleback Father
6. The Careless Caddis Worm
7. The Tadpole Who Wanted to be Grown Up
8. The Runaway Water Spiders
9. The Slow Little Mud Turtle
10. The Dragon-fly Children and the Snapping Turtle
11. The Snappy Snapping Turtle
12. The Clever Water-Adder
13. The Good Little Cranes Who Were Bad
14. The Oldest Dragon-fly Nymph
15. The Eels' Moving-Night
16. The Crayfish Mother
17. Two Little Crayfishes Quarrel
18. The Lucky Mink
19. The Playful Muskrats

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Lovely book for children written by teacher and naturalist Clara Dillingham Pierson. This book in the "Among the People" series explores the animal inhabitants of a pond. The beautiful writing brings the pond creatures into being in the reader's imagination and allows them a glimpse of the mysterious lives being carried out above and below the water's surface.