Among the Meadow People cover

Among the Meadow People

Clara Dillingham Pierson (1868-1952)

1. Introduction
2. The Butterfly that Went Calling
3. The Robins Build a Nest
4. The Selfish Tent-Caterpillar
5. The Lazy Snail
6. An Ant That Wore Wings
7. The Cheerful Harvestmen
8. The Little Spider's First Web
9. The Beetle Who Did Not Like Caterpillars
10. The Young Robin Who Was Afraid to Fly
11. The Crickets' School
12. The Contented Earthworms
13. The Measuring Worm's Joke
14. A Puzzled Cicada
15. The Tree Frog's Story
16. The Day When the Grass Was Cut
17. The Grasshopper and the Measuring Worm Run a Race
18. Mr. Green Frog and His Visitors
19. The Dignified Walking-Sticks
20. The Day of the Great Storm
21. The Story of Lily-Pad Island
22. The Grasshopper Who Wouldn't Be Scared
23. The Earthworm Half-Brothers
24. A Gossiping Fly
25. The Frog-Hoppers Go Out Into the World
26. The Mosquito Tries to Teach His Neighbors
27. The Frog Who Thought Herself Sick
28. The Katydid's Quarrel
29. The Last Party of the Season

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Lovely book of nature written for children by teacher and naturalist Clara Dillingham Pierson. This book in the "Among the People" series explores the animal inhabitants of the meadow and garden. The charming prose shrinks us down and puts us in the fascinating world of the tiny insects, amphibians, and birds who call the field their home. From the author's Introduction: "In selecting the tiny creatures of field and garden for the characters in this book, I have remembered with pleasure the way in which my six loyal pupils befriended stray crickets and grasshoppers, their intense appreciation of the new realm of fancy and observation, and the eagerness and attention with which they sought Mother Nature, the most wonderful and tireless of all story-tellers."